1) Unseat tire beads:
To unseat tire beads We recommend using 3 PIRANHA PRO pliers in order to be able to open even the most difficult tires.
Fig. 1 Position two pliers approximately 20 cm apart from each other, secure them firmly with the appropriate reusable belt provided.
Fig. 2 Using the third plier, open the first part of the tire.
Fig. 3 Remove the two fixed pliers and proceed by opening both sides of the wheel.

Fig 1

Fig 2

Fig 3

2) Removing the tire:
Make sure that the tire beads on both sides of the wheel are in the inner rim channel, otherwise the procedure will be difficult.
Fig. 4 Insert the plier using it as a tire lever and go around the tire passing between the spokes.
Fig. 5 From the point where the tire came out, insert the plier lubricated if possible with a special slipping paste or soap and water, push the caliper using the other hand, moving the tire away from the rim.

Fig 4

Fig 5

3) Mounting the tire
Begin the operation by hand as long as possible. When the plier is needed, make sure the tire beads on both sides of the wheel are in the inside channel of the rim.
Fig. 6 Position pliers with the belt where the tire enters the rim.
Fig. 7 Proceed to insert the tire with the other plier used like a tire-lever and pushing down the beads at each advance.

Fig 6

Fig 7

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